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Meet Our Team

Angie is our event booking manager on our Vancouver event catering team


Event Booking Manager

Angie joins our team with years of experience in Event Management and Hospitality, bringing with her a calm, organized demeanor that makes the planning process feel like a breeze for our clients. Her ability to listen and create memorable experiences from the very first interaction have resulted in countless successful celebrations!

In her spare time, Angie enjoys rock climbing which she says is a great way to explore our planet, especially our backyard of Squamish. She’s also on the board for ArtScene Vancouver, enjoys visiting local farmers markets and admits to being able to eat an embarrassing amount of blueberries in one sitting. She balances out the high demands of Event Planning with volunteer work at the East Van Yoga Moshka Studio and says her guilty pleasures include horror flicks and truly terrible movies such as Titanic 2 and Sharknado.

catering vancouver chase catering chef team


First Cook

Chase brings great energy and positivity to our kitchen, and alongside his cooking skills he’s also a whiz with computers. Chase aspires to become a NASA satellite communication technician and has already attended training to work towards achieving that goal. Besides his love for science, Chase is also passionate about food and has been cooking since he was 14, with experience in both restaurant and hotel environments in management roles. In his spare time, Chase loves paintball and fishing, and says his favourite cuisine style is Southern Style comfort food!



Cheyenna joins us from the Semiahmoo Secondary culinary arts program, which is the same program Drew completed to begin his cooking career. Recently, Drew went back to Semiahmoo to assist the students in catering a banquet for 400 guests, and was impressed by the talent and work ethic of young Cheyenna during the event. He offered her the chance to come work at the Drew’s Catering kitchen and the rest is history! Cheyenna is a passionate, hard working young chef who has quickly taken on many responsibilities within our kitchen. Her favorite cuisine styles are Japanese and Italian, and in her spare time she loves experimenting with special effects makeup for horror and sci-fi movies!

Henry is a hard working member of our Vancouver Catering team



This hard-boiled accounting enthusiast with a sweet tooth enjoys going on long walks, doing the Grouse Grind during the summer and enjoys getting together with friends on the weekends for badminton and barbecues. An avid model ship and plane enthusiast, he also enjoys visiting the local hobby shops to network with other modellers. Henry also attends the Broadway Tabernacle Church and still likes to volunteer with community organizations when time permits. His other favorite past-time is playing cards with his nieces during family get togethers.

Jesse is a dishwasher with our vancouver catering service team



Jesse joins our team as a hard working dishwasher, one of the most important roles in any kitchen! Jesse’s great attitude and positive outlook make him a great addition to our kitchen environment. While Jesse may be young, his favorite music includes classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

In his spare time, Jesse is an avid reader, loves to take trips (especially when there’s fishing involved), and even dabbles in some woodworking!

Jose - Vancouver catering team chef



Jose is actually the longest employed member of the Drew’s Catering & Events team! He walked into our then tiny kitchen 6 years ago asking if we had any openings, and the rest is history! Jose has an amazing work ethic and attitude and is an invaluable part of our kitchen team. Whether it’s prep, washing dishes or working events Jose is always keen to lend a helping hand wherever is needed. He is currently studying business at BCIT, and is an avid basketball fan, cheering on Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his spare time Jose likes to keep fit, regularly lifting weights and working out, and his favorite food is “Bangus” which is a Filipino dish of deboned milkfish!

catering chef len drews catering vancouver catering



Len is a hard-working member of our kitchen team and a veteran cook, having worked all over Canada in numerous restaurants and pubs. Our resident “grill master”, Len can often be found working at many of our full-service BBQ events. Originally from Toronto, Len is a Leafs fan, but we do our best to forgive him for that. Additionally, he’s also worked as an actor, having appeared in several nationally aired-commercials and other projects. Len also played junior level hockey and lived in Newfoundland for a year, but claims he prefers Vancouver. We’re glad he’s here!



Martha is our head pastry chef, leading our Vancouver dessert catering team


Head Pastry Chef

Our talented pastry chef Martha is a graduate of the Dubrulle Culinary Institue, and brings over 15 years of high end pastry experience to our team. She worked as a lead pastry chef for one of the biggest bakeries in the Philippines before coming to Canada and becoming the pastry chef at West Vancouver’s ‘The Salmon House’ restaurant. She has competed in many pastry competitions including winning the Philippine Culinary Cup in 2010. When Martha isn’t creating edible works of art, she enjoys photography, traveling and running.

Miguel is a pastry chef with our Vancouver Pastry catering team


Pastry Chef

Miguel (who is our Head Pastry Chef Martha’s brother) joins our pastry team as a new resident to Canada, immigrating from the Phillipines in 2016. There are definitely some good pastry genes in her family!

Miguel graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and worked at a bank for 9 years before deciding to shift careers into the culinary world. He loves to keep active by swimming, cycling and running, describing himself as a “frustrated triathlete”. Miguel brings a friendly, upbeat nature to our kitchen, and in the evenings and early mornings when our pastry team is working hard, you always know Miguel is around when you hear 90s hip hop coming from the speakers.

When asked what his favorite food is, his reply is “Meat!”

Good enough for us!

catering pastry chef Patty


Pastry Chef

Patty is a talented member of our pastry team, helping prepare all the delicious baked goods, petit fours and cakes that leave our kitchen every week. She definitely prefers to keep busy, working 3 jobs with the goal of one day opening her own cafe. Not surprisingly, she says her favourite hobby is sleep! When she does manage to get some free time, she also loves trying new restaurants and biking at Stanley Park or at SFU. She also loves to travel, and says her favourite city she’s visited to far is Budapest!


Robyn is a member of our Catering event booking team in Vancouver


Event Coordinator

We were very fortunate to have Robyn join our team as part of our acquisition of Thyme to Indulge Catering in early 2017, where she worked as an Event Coordinator for the past several years. Robyn’s positive attitude and work ethic have made her a natural fit within our team, where she is always trying to make our events as seamless as possible for our clients.

Robyn seems to be always on the go in her spare time, playing hockey and snowboarding during the winter, and in the summer time you’ll find her wake-boarding and paddle-boarding. She’s a hopeless caffeine addict and loves a great cup of coffee, as well as discovering new spots to eat. Robyn comes from an artist background, and compares the process of helping a client realize their vision for an event to the creative process of an artist – which she says is the reason she loves event planning so much!

Robyn is the resident DJ in our office, keeping the environment full of energy with her playlists featuring reggae, electronic music, old school hip hop and rock.

When she does take some time off to travel and recharge, she says her ideal vacation is a constant hunt for sand and sunshine or snowy mountains. Sounds perfect to us too!

Ryla is a pastry chef on our Vancouver catering team


Pastry Chef

Ryla is a hard-working member of our pastry team, responsible for helping execute all the delicious desserts and baked goods that head out to our clients each day. She has been working as a pastry chef for 8 years and has worked at the Boathouse restaurant in New Westminster executing a high volume of desserts and pastries for service. Ryla loves reading, trying new recipes for pastry creations and hiking in her spare time, and always brings a big smile and positive attitude to our kitchen.

Stephanie is a hard working member of our Vancouver Event Booking Team


Booking Coordinator

Stephanie joins our team after studying Food Marketing Analysis at UBC, and is the first smiling face you see when walking into our office. Stephanie brings her positive and calm presence to our event booking team, and also brings some serious experience in multi-tasking having worked in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong for half a year! Like most of our team, Stephanie claims she can’t function until she’s had her cup of morning coffee, and says she never, ever says no to bubble tea.

Stephanie likes to keep active, picking up wake boarding this past summer and regularly attending Barre Fitness classes. Despite being very calm, cool and collected in the office, she lets her emotions loose at the movies and says she manages to cry during 99% of movies she watches, even comedies!

Tristan is a Senior operations team member for Drew's Catering & Events and our vancouver catering operation



Tristan is one of our delivery experts on the Operations team and often times the face of Drew’s Catering & Events as he interacts with many of our clients daily. He’s our resident ‘jack of all trades’ having worked in many different industries including hospitality, film and television, construction, and marketing. Tristan also works as one of our service leaders and operations staff for large events. His strong organizational skills and personal skills make him an integral part of our team!