Who's Drew? - Drew's Catering & Events - Vancouver, BC

Who's Drew?

Drew Munro, Founder of Drew’s Catering & Events was born and raised in beautiful BC. As a teenager, Drew began his apprenticeship under Paris-trained chef Brian Roodenrys, quickly developing a passion for the freshest local ingredients, beautiful presentations, and above all, great tasting food. Never one to back down from a challenge, Drew received early recognition by competing in local cooking competitions, and was awarded the Provincial scholarship for culinary arts upon graduation to further his studies.

Over the next several years, Drew worked and apprenticed in a number of high end professional kitchens throughout the Lower Mainland, developing his skills and a style of his own. After a number of years, the unthinkable happened: Drew accepted a job… in an office?

However, his time spent without cooking for others was short-lived. A lack of lunch options near the office left his co-workers consistently grumbling about their limited choices for fresh, healthy food. Drew started his own office lunch service, providing home-cooked gourmet meals for his colleagues, arriving to work early each morning and making the rounds to deliver the meals.

Word spread like wild fire throughout the offices, and it wasn’t long before Drew was going home at 5 like everyone else, and then cooking 50 individual gourmet meals for his co-workers to enjoy the next day.

With a new found entrepreneurial spark, Drew knew the office grind was not for him, and a personal chef service called Drew Cooks! was born in 2008, providing home cooked meal services for busy families and professionals, as well as catering private dinners for special occasions. However, it wasn’t long before Drew started to receive requests to cater weddings and larger events. He hired his first employee in late 2009, and moved into a tiny basement kitchen facility in Burnaby that he shared with 3 other caterers. By 2010, he had become so busy that he had taken over the entire kitchen space, and by 2011, needed to find a bigger space to run the company.

In September 2011, Drew Cooks! moved into their facility on SW Marine Dr, and the company began to add event planning and operations staff. By 2014, they ran into a familiar problem: they were out of room, with 7 work stations crammed into a tiny corner of the kitchen. In late 2014 they acquired the building next door to them (a former karate dojo for 20 years), and knocked down the walls to combine the spaces.

By mid-2015 the new office and operations facility opened, finally giving the staff some well-deserved space to stretch out, which allowed the kitchen to expand as well.

In early 2016, the company officially re-branded as Drew’s Catering & Events to better reflect the services and hard work of a collective of individuals. It wasn’t just Drew cooking anymore!

Drew remains very hands on in the kitchen and office, considering himself a chef first, and a businessman second. He is passionate about charcuterie, recently completing a Master’s program in Italy, training with the finest norcinos (butchers) in Tuscany, and cares deeply about sustainable food choices, choosing only to work with producers and vendors who care equally about quality and environmental impact.

Recently Drew and Chef de Cuisine Adam traveled to a remote area of Guatemala to volunteer their cooking skills at a camp responsible for feeding hundreds of volunteers and villagers each day, and volunteer work remains something Drew and his team are committed to each year.

When he’s not around the kitchen at Drew’s Catering & Events (which is not often), he can be found fishing early in the morning in Chilliwack, reading the paper at his favorite greasy spoon diner (Helen’s Grill on Main & King Ed), or working on his impressively mediocre tennis game.