8 Years Ago: Completely Broke, Dejected and Ready to give up. Then this happened... - Drew's Catering & Events

. We recently celebrated 8 years in business thanks to our clients and of course our amazing team. I often choose to focus only on the future of our company and the direction in which it’s headed. However at times like this, I like to reflect back to the early days from time to time.

This quick video below tells the story of a time when I was within days of giving up everything. I was struggling financially to survive and was feeling depressed, dejected and defeated. One critical moment changed the direction of our company forever. Have a watch below:

What have I learned after 8 years? Its simple. YOU are responsible for your own success. No one else. People will doubt your ideas, doubt your abilities and tell you what your limits are. None of this matters. Why?

YOU are the only one who determines what your limits are, and determines how much you want to achieve. If something makes you happy, do whatever it takes to get it, and be prepared to put it all on the line. If you’re prepared to do this, success will be yours.

If in the process you are constantly feeling like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, remember this quote – “I would rather choke on greatness, than nibble on mediocrity.” How do you feel?

Have an amazing and productive week!