The Benefits of a Family Style Meal for your Wedding - Drew's Catering

As a caterer, we receive many questions from couples regarding what menu style to choose. Although each menu style has benefits, one of our favourites is a Family Style menu.

A Family Style Menu creates a charming and relaxed atmosphere for any wedding. As your guests begin to get comfortable in their seats, our Chefs begin to hustle behind the scenes to plate your menu items from salad to entrĂ©e. Each dish is then brought to the guest’s tables by servers who introduce the dish and leave it on the table for your guests to pass around and serve themselves.

This service style is one of our favourites not only because it makes our inner foodie happy by presenting visually stunning dishes, but also because of its affordable elegance that it offers to our clients. But, don’t take our word for it – here is what a recent wedding couple of ours has to say!


“[A] Family Style Menu was a happy medium [between a Buffet or Plated Menu] and a suggestion from Drew’s Catering that we much appreciated! In addition, with this format, I had reason to keep our centerpieces simple and minimal as to not take up too much space. And we’d much rather have our guests eat what we spent our money on, rather than look at it.

Second, time and ambience. We had a really packed schedule of events for the reception with games, slideshow and many (wonderful!) speeches. We knew with a buffet dinner, the pace and energy that our emcees were building up would be interrupted. And we wanted our guests to just sit and enjoy the food and festivities, instead of having to use their time to wait and serve food themselves.

Most importantly, we felt that family style also reflected the type of dinners we have with our family while growing up. Both [of us] are Chinese and while there were no Lazy Susans at our wedding, we wanted our friends and family to enjoy dinner over conversation and sharing.”

Maggie & Jamie

Hope to be a part of your special day!

Couple: Maggie & Jamie
Married: May 28th, 2017
Venue: John M.S. Lecky Boathouse, Richmond BC

Feature Photograph: Gucio Photography