NEW VIDEO: Michelin Star Chef for Your Event - West Coast Style

We’re constantly trying to innovate and evolve here at Drew’s Catering & Events. We want to be fresh, exciting and unique for our clients every day, and a huge part of that mentality starts with our kitchen team.We are thrilled to share this video showcasing the amazing talents of our Executive Chef Sekihata Katsuyuki.

Chef Sekihata comes from a 3 Michelin star background in France and Asia, having apprenticed under Paul Bocuse and spent time at legendary restaurants such as Maison Troisgros and Noga Switzerland. He even competed on the famous “Iron Chef” TV show in Japan, battled Chef Sakai in ‘Battle Bread’!

His talent, creativity and passion are evident every day he works in our kitchen and the impact on our events has been amazing. He is the driving force behind our culinary team and a big part of the reason we have been voted Vancouver’s Top Caterer for 4 consecutive years. Watch the full video below:

If you’d like to read more about Chef Sekihata’s amazing experience, and see more of his work, check out his bio here.

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