Oyster Bar Catering Vancouver - Drew's Catering & Events

We love it when our clients come to us with a clear vision! One of our clients is a prominent downtown law firm who hosts a yearly open house event for their clients. For the past 2 years, we have executed their vision of a high-end Pacific Northwest inspired canape event, complete with an indoor forest and “camping lounge seating”! They truly wanted to transform their office into something different, and we were up for the challenge of working with them to accomplish it!

It was a great experience for our chefs to create a canape menu to match this feel, including a West Coast oyster station with a custom ice bar.

Putting these events together is always a rewarding experience, and the best part is seeing our clients be able to relax, enjoy their events and socialize with their colleagues and friends.

For a look at the action, including the custom ice bar for the oysters, check out this brief video before! What’s the coolest event you’ve attended at an office?