Best Custom Cakes Vancouver - Drew's Catering & Events

We love to share photos of our creations on social media to show what we’re up to. Over the years, without fail the pictures of Chef Martha’s amazing cakes and desserts have been the most popular creations we’ve posted! Not that we’re surprised – Chef Martha’s amazing creativity is the result of years of experience training at Dubrulle Culinary School and competing in pastry competitions around the world. Martha joined us several years ago and since then, has been focused on creating the most memorable, special and creative catered desserts in the city.

Her biggest skill is her ability to take any piece of information the client gives us and turn that into a custom work of edible art. Nothing makes her and our team happier than seeing our clients laying eyes on their custom desserts for the first time and the events. She’s also created several unique and signature items here on our regular menus, such as our infamous “Green Cookie” (a matcha cookie with white chocolate and hazelnut), and her showstopping “Textures of Chocolate” plated dessert, showcasing chocolate prepared in 7 different forms.

We are proud to showcase her creative process and more of her work in this video below. If you’d like to learn more about her work, or order a custom cake of your own, contact us today. #DCisDifferent