Vancouver's Best Service - Drew's Catering & Events

Service Culture

Our service culture core values are Dignity, Care and Empathy. From our humble roots as a small personal chef service to becoming Vancouver’s most reputable caterer, our mission has always remained the same: to provide memorable service and food anywhere, for any one.


Simply put, our success is determined by our people.
Providing memorable service for our guests depends on the combined efforts of many, so our core focus is on building a foundation of respect, cooperation and purpose for our team.
We strive to provide a working environment of open communication, respect and loyalty. We aim to build success for our team in their professional and personal lives by fostering creativity, development of skills and growth.

We succeed when our team executes with a clear purpose and understanding of our core values to create enduring value and memories for our clients. We succeed when our team not only clearly understands what we do and how we do it, but why we do it as well. We are successful when we can foster successful employees, loyal clients and maintain a fair and reasonable profit to achieve our company’s vision.

Our commitment from day one has been to be responsible for our own people. We will never use a staffing agency to fulfill event needs, and each staff member will undergo the most comprehensive training program in our industry. Confident, effective and efficient employees operating with a sense of purpose will be the secret to our long-term growth and success. Management fully committed to establishing a positive culture of respect, open-communication and development will ensure we are successful in achieving our goals.