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Yesterday I went to two of my favorite places ever. It all started with a hankering for cheese.

When you want great cheese in Vancouver, sure, you have some options, but many agree the best of the best is Les Amis du Fromage

With 300-400 cheeses from BC and around the world I could spend days in there trying cheeses before either passing out in a cheese-coma or being dragged away by the authorities. I can never resist trying the local cheese, so the owner Alice (with a borderline frightening amount of cheese knowledge) helped me pick out a nice chunk of Tomme D’or and Feta, both from farms in Salt Spring Island.

And since I was now only a couple blocks from Granville Island Market, how could I say no?

Browsing the usual stocks of amazing products, I overheard such things as a man giving a passionate presentation on corned beef. It was like on the Daily Show when Jon Stewart asked Barack Obama to “hope-up” some common everyday phrases like “Are you happy with your cell phone service?”

I also stumbled across some of this stuff :

Hickory Smoked Salt.

Now flavored salts are nothing new, they are easy to make and can add great flavor, but I was just amazed at the intense amount of smoke flavor these little babies had. I have actually tried to make my own smoked salt with semi-decent results, but this salt smelled and tasted like it had been living in the woods near a campfire for years like a wild man. You could seriously sprinkle this on a cucumber slice and it would smell and taste like Texas BBQ.

Go pick some up and see for yourself, and grab some cheese while you’re at it.

What’s your favourite cheese and why? Leave us a comment below!