Best Anthony Bourdain Book - Vancouver Catering Company

“Collected varietal cuts, usable trim, scraps, and bones.”

That is how Chef Anthony Bourdain describes the collection of articles and stories that make up his book, “The Nasty Bits”.

I recently finished reading this after loving his first and hugely successful book, “Kitchen Confidential”. Now, Anthony has officially cemented his place as my favorite culinary author. You won’t find any recipes, tips to wow your next dinner party or get the most out of your home garden in here. It’s a gritty and often hilariously accurate gathering of industry stories, traveling tales and surreal dining experiences.

He makes no effort to hold back his opinions on fusion cooking, steakhouse chain restaurants, Jamie Oliver and even Sting.

My favorite sections of the book are him describing his dining experiences with his trademark acerbic tongue. Describing the nature and style of his sweating, as well as the intestinal warfare to follow, while eating in an area of China renowned for their powerful chilis. Choking on carrot foam while eating an uber modern multi-course meal, or the very first chapter of the book which details his participation in a seal hunt with inuit guides in such a way that the gory, PETA-nightmare details, sound almost warm, beautiful and above all necessary.

With or without a cooking background, you can appreciate that Bourdain’s passion for food is infectious and his writing style is engaging.

Despite his couple light jabs at Sting, I’m still going to rock out to The Police.