Wine Pairings and Faux Pas - Overboard? Drew's Catering & Events

I love wine. A lot.

If I was on “Survivor” one of my items I’d bring to the island would be a case of good red wine, and every tribal council meeting I would be sitting there amidst all the drama with a nice big glass of Bordeaux. How cool would that be?

Red Wine Drew Cooks Vancouver Personal Chef

Now, pairing wine with food has been going on for hundreds of years, and yes, certain foods can go better with certain wines than others, no ones arguing that. What I’m not a huge fan of is the “rules” that have developed over the years that some seem to follow with fervor and determination when eating out, or even at home for that matter.

No red wine with fish.

White wine with beef? You can just get out right now.

Merlot with your chicken? Sacrelig!

I drink red wine probably 90% of the time, it’s just what I prefer, though I know people who drink white just as much, and aren’t huge red fans. Why should someone be forced to to have wine they aren’t crazy about just to enjoy their food? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of good wine and food in the first place?

If you’re eating a beautifully cooked piece of salmon, with gorgeous sauce and sides, is it going to spontaneously combust in your mouth if you have a nice glass of red with it? Probably not.

If the food is good, and the wine is good, then life is good! Stop worrying about rules and pairings to the point of not enjoying your meal to the fullest, life’s too short for that kind of thing.  😉