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Meet our Executive Chef

Chef Katsuyuki Sekihata is the driving force behind our culinary team. He combines his passion for creativity with his incredible skill and 3-Michelin star experience to create memorable events and menus for our clients.

When he was young, his dream was to become either a professional baseball player or a chef. He grew up in a “foodie” family who appreciated quality food and ingredients, and his aunt would often take him to fine dining restaurants so he could experience new flavours and techniques. He accepted a job cooking at the Tokyo Prince Hotel because it had a company baseball team, and he felt he could enjoy both of his passions at the same time. However, it wasn’t long he realized cooking was his true passion, and his head chef at the hotel introduced him to the head Chef at Maxim de Paris, a world-famous Parisian restaurant. After gaining some experience at Maxim de Paris, Sekihata was introduced to the legendary Paul Bocuse, a 3-Michelin star chef who revolutionized French cooking. Paul Bocuse is a good friend of Shizuo Tsuji, a famous Japanese chef, and loves Japanese culture and their approach to food. Paul Bocuse agreed to take Chef Sekihata on as an apprentice at the famous Restaurant Paul Bocuse, and it is here he gained his most valuable experience in food and fine dining. This experience even allowed him to compete on the television program “Iron Chef Japan”, taking on Chef Sakai in “Battle Bread”!

This experience under Bocuse allowed Chef Sekihata to work at Michelin star restaurants and hotels all over the world to share his passion, including Maison Troisgros, Chateauneuf, Café Greco (New York), Noga Hilton (Switzerland) and others. After spending 5 years in New York, Chef Sekihata decided to relocate to Canada, after hearing his Aunt speak so fondly of her time in Vancouver. He worked in Toronto and Montreal before finally calling Vancouver his home.

Chef Sekihata loves the bounty of beautiful seafood and wild ingredients available on the West Coast, and says that his personal culinary philosophy is to create authentic food, that is representative of who you are and where you are. He loves to learn and be influenced by other cultures when he travels, and has spent time in almost every continent.

He is a lifelong learner, proudly stating he owns over 100 boxes worth of cook books he’s collected. And even though he chose cooking over baseball, he doesn’t hesitate to make parallels between the two, stating that executing good service is like playing baseball, you need the right team and the right mentality. No single person can win the game alone.

Chef’s hobbies outside the kitchen include classic cars and travelling to new and exciting places to discover food.

Interested in learning more about Chef Sekihata? Watch this brief video here.